Zerez Holdings V.P., Don Smith, in a recent telephone interview on MoneyTV, offered insight into the company’s direction and current operations.

Don starts, “[We] design, build and manage commercial greenhouse systems; have a complete automation software package that not only improves crop yields and decreases water consumption for cultivators.”

“They typically are able to, at a minimum, get of 3 to 12 crops a year using organic leafy greens and go 1 to 6 crops a year with a cannabis grow,” said Don.

He goes on to say that raw greenhouse materials have been dropped for 3 sites, a total of 14 greenhouses and 50,400 sqft. of indoor growing space.  Install crews are on-site working at all 3 sites and will be finished in 10 days,
“We have made some really revolutionary changes in the greenhouse business,” Don continues.  “Companies right now are quoting 10 weeks to customers for greenhouses and our company can build six to ten a day.  We can install a greenhouse in as little as 3 days and as most as 10.”

Additionally, the company has submitted papers to the SEC and FINRA to change the name and ticker symbol for the company.  Don estimates the change to take place approximately 30 to 45 days.  “Nothing will change in terms of our shareholders’ holding position,” states Don.