With a grateful heart, I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge each and every person who helps to make Smart Cannabis and Next Generation Farming the success it is.

Without a strong core team of contractors who are consistently reliable to execute installations, a passionate team at headquarters executing contracts, facilitating meetings, and sharing critical information with stakeholders, investors who strategically advise us with care, and partners who support us and our clients as we set out to expand agritech and improve lives, this company would be nothing. I’m grateful for the commitment of excellence each and every one of you contribute in order to fulfill our potential.

In the past year, we’ve grown tremendously. It’s been fun and it has also been very hard work. Obstacles aren’t typically ideal but they’ve challenged us to do different, create solutions, and perform better. As a result of hurdles we’ve faced, the quality of our products continue to be perfected because our passionate team embraces obstructions as growing opportunities. We discover, learn, develop, and perform as a collective group better and better as time passes. To work with such a fierce collection of people who truly care to make these companies all they can be is a blessing.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who works beyond the call of duty to bring this corporation to life. I am grateful for your allegiance and partnership.

John Taylor