Now, the truth is that the successful practices for cannabis cultivation will leverage commercial agricultural industry practices as the most cost-effective production of this particular crop. Ever since the early 1990s, the cannabis segment has cultivated the crop in outdoor farms and indoor warehouses. However, there is a significant shift towards the commercial greenhouse which is currently experienced.

Currently, there is a panel for different industry experts who discuss the transition from a traditional outdoor or indoor grow to a properly functioning greenhouse facility. Here are some considerations that you would need to account for.

Kilowatt Meters on a Commercial Greenhouse

Maximizing Efficiency at Every Opportunity

Experts positively report that the transition towards greenhouses is mainly because it is all about the efficiency. The electricity costs of warehouse growth can add up to become up to 50% of the entire price that you get from the sales of the goods. This is definitely considerable, but it could be decreased if you switched to a greenhouse. You can add ample and supplemental lighting only to further augment the light that the plant is going to receive from the sun.

It is absolutely paramount to ensure that the growers have vendors and advisors which are experienced in order to properly maximize the overall efficiency which is brought by the commercial greenhouse. The cost of the product is going to come down, and that’s why efficiency is critical for the long run.

Operating Costs vs. Construction

You should consider the upfront investment when you decide to build a greenhouse. The overall cost of the construction of a greenhouse is almost the same as the ones for warehouse as well as building facilities. However, when it comes to the operational costs, this is where things get rather interesting. With a greenhouse environment, these operational costs are virtually diminished, and you can reduce them by up to 70%.

Certain traditional greenhouses are also going to experience certain problems when controlling the environment. This is why you should opt-in for an automated solution such as greenhouses with retractable roofs as well as sidings. Investing in a commercial greenhouse is definitely something that’s going to help you save money for the long run.


Light for the Commercial Greenhouse

This is without a doubt where things get interesting. The light of the greenhouse is amongst its biggest advantages over the regular warehouse growing. What are the required light levels? This is an important question to ask. Now, the truth is that they can change throughout the entire year and this is because the plants have different needs in their various stages.

You can install a lighting system which is capable of reading the levels of natural light and adjust accordingly when needed. Furthermore, the cannabis plant has different needs than other agricultural crops, and that’s why you need to make sure that the specifications of the greenhouse facility are adjusted correctly.

Every single light is usually designed with a particular purpose. There are different lights which are designated for warehouse facilities. The key is to properly measure the light which is delivered by the sun on a regular basis.

If you rely on LED lighting, the most important thing that you need to account for is the efficiency capacity. It is going to depend on the payback period as well as the budget that you have. A lot of numbers need to be accounted for, but you want to ensure that you have a reasonable target which is also achievable.

Create a Quality Product and a Positive Impact

Now, the positive impact towards the overall human health as well as towards the environment is something that a lot of current industry leaders are emphasizing on. Some of the cultivators might find the transitioning process rather challenging at first, but the facilities are easier to manage and cheaper to operate, making them the better option in the long haul.

Lights Mounted on Commercial Greenhouse