Dear friends,

I’m energized by my role as Next Generation Farming’s Chief Executive Officer and the opportunities that we have to be successful together. Forging long-term business relationships is our most vital objective and we’re committed to help our customers increase their revenue, grow their business, and excel in their respective markets.

Today’s business environment is unlike anything I’ve seen over the course of my 25 years in business. Ongoing social and regulatory changes have created an unfathomable demand for products and services in the Controlled Environment Agriculture (C.E.A) industry. Our experience has allowed us to focus on providing solutions that reduce customers’ cost, minimize their risk, and provide a near-term return on investment.

Return on investment is what matters most to our customers and our first priority is investing in the development and delivery of “SMART by Design”™ products — helping our customers leverage the cost-saving benefits of the cutting-edge technology. We will focus on delivering more efficient implementations of our already market-leading design configurations, sourcing newer and stronger materials, and faster deliveries from quote-to-completion.

We will also focus more on harmonizing the various technologies that comprise our “SMART by Design”™ offerings to simplify the day-to-day operations for our customers. You should look for continued innovations from us in the areas of comprehensive off-site remote environment management, remote monitoring and data-driven crop optimization.

We want to be your most trusted and reliable business partner. We will continue to innovate our products and services so that not only your bottom line increases, entire new opportunities are opened up.

Twenty-seventeen is going to be a great year! Looking back, I would like to take the time to graciously thank everyone, each of whom has contributed to this life-changing venture.

Thank you to my family for their incredible patience and invaluable support.

Thank you to my friends for listening, politely nodding, and feigning understanding as I excitedly describe new design concepts.

Thank you to my partners and colleagues for tolerating that the deadline for new projects is usually, “yesterday”.

Thank you to our customers for the opportunity to earn your trust, deliver on our promises, and exceed your expectations.


And finally, thank you to our competitors, for sending so many customers our way.

You are all critical to our success. As CEO, my focus will be to deliver on commitments and keep the lines of communication open. We’ll keep you updated on our progress and priorities, and enthusiastically welcome feedback.


CEO & President
John Taylor