Profitable Plants that You Might Not Have Guessed

It is an accepted fact among industries that having unique products means luring huge incomes from profitable plants. Same thing goes with the business of growing plants. Some plants can even bring as big as 90,000 dollars per acre. Fortunately, some entrepreneurs have already figured out the secrets to winning big profits regarding crops that will surely bring home the bacon.

If you are thinking that such crops require massive amount of hard work and resources, then think twice. It just need and extra amount of devotion and dedication to get this all started. This article will discuss some crops that may give you the profit that you have been dreaming of.

Gourmet Mushrooms

Basically, fungus or mushrooms just grow anywhere in right conditions. Fortunately, such fungus can yield a great amount of return on a square foot basis. Shiitake and oyster are some of the most common varieties of gourmet mushrooms. They can be found dried or fresh in different grocery stores or markets. Out of these two, oysters are more productive. In fact, they can reach up to 25lbs on a square foot basis of a growing area in a year. Oysters are sold to customers around 7 dollars per pound. To calculate, a 10 by 10 area of growing oysters can give you around 17,500 dollars each season.


Unlike most trees and shrubs, bamboos grow fast and can also give you huge returns of money. In fact, according to experts, in just 24 hours, bamboos can grow up to two feet. As it grows taller, the demand for this kind of plant also soars higher. As you can see, bamboo plants are suitable for landscaping and designing. Another great thing is, bamboo plants can not only grow in tropical areas but can also be cultivated in sub-freezing temperature. Reports have been calculated that each plant can be sold around 200 dollars.

Medicinal Marijuana

Countries that are legally supporting medicinal marijuana can be areas of great investment. In fact, marijuana is just as profitable when compared to apples. Apple companies are known to be the best profitable industry in the field of fruits. On the other hand, a recent 2014 article of the Fast Company stated that medicinal marijuana is considered to be the crop that brings the most cash returns. Just imagine, the possible income of this crop is immeasurable!

Gardening indeed is not just about beautification. Gardening means money. If ever you are looking or planning to start up a crop business, please do make sure that you have considered the information above. These 3 options will no doubt bring in large amounts of cash return in no time.